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is an established and independent manufacturing company based in Johannesburg.

Our primary focus is the formulation and production of innovative chemical solutions which serve a range of industries, including Mining & Industrial, Waste & Water Treatment, Food Production & Health, Laundry, Automotive and Building Care.

Expert development of a comprehensive range of products , using intelligent formulation and application, chemistry research techniques, rigorous testing and quality control, careful management and a considerate environmental approach, enables us to guarantee the highest quality in all our products, which remain cost effective and practical to use.

NuLab offers a range of industrial and cleaning products in all sizes

 Triton HD – our flagship product. Heavy duty industrial degreaser.

 Autoshine – Environmentally friendly truck and vehicle wash.

 SuperGritt – Heavy duty hand cleaner with grit.

 NuSan – Surface disinfectant, anti-bacterial.

 NuBac – Heavy duty degreasing disinfectant.

 BioSan – Alcohol based hand sanitizer.

 BioSept – Anti-bacterial liquid hand soap.

 JanoCID – Concentrated, anti-bacterial bathroom cleaner.

Quick-break technology

All NuLab degreasers have been specifically formulated to enable the user to dispose of the oil, degreaser and water components in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Quick break technology is the removal of oil and cleaning of other dirt and grime, by emulsification, allowing it to rise to the surface of the collection pit or separator, for recovery.


GET IN TOUCH 076 052 1748